Non Travel With Me

The realities of travelling by staying at home



Dreams for 2017

I love this time of year because it means I get to pick out my dream destinations for the coming year. I know it is unlikely I will get to all of these places, or maybe any of them, but... Continue Reading →

2016 in Review

A smell, a song, a taste, a thought...the most random things can stop me in my tracks and I can be transported back to a destination or a moment in another place...   Thinking of 2016...   The open spaces... Continue Reading →

Heir Island

A trip with my parents... We were intent on some kind of fact-finding mission on the ancestry of my family on my mother’s side, the O’Driscoll’s and so we headed to an island in the centre of Roaringwater Bay in... Continue Reading →

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Florence – a dream world part 2

• Visit the Palazzo Vecchio (Piazza della Signoria, open daily except Thurs afternoon, €10) Originally government offices, the Palazzo Vecchio became a palace in the 16th century, as the residence of Cosimo I. The Salone dei Cinquento (Hall of the... Continue Reading →

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