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2015 Travel Awards

Recently I’ve noticed a couple of articles about 2015 travel awards. There are all kinds of categories like Best Tour Operator, Best Airline, Best Travel Rep and, most intriguingly, Best Destination. Some interesting criteria are used to determine the Best... Continue Reading →


If you need to get out of Paris for a day (I felt like the buildings were closing in on me in the oppressive heat!) then a trip to Monet's house in the village of Giverny offers a relaxing and... Continue Reading →

Tampere and Helsinki: Two Jewels of Finland

  Recently I was at a work conference in Finland (I wrote about some cool Finnish things here). Despite all the talks and posters and networking at the conference, I still found a bit of time to discover all that... Continue Reading →

Books that make me want to travel

Recently The Borough Press (@boroughpress) launched the #bookaday challenge.They gave a theme for each day and I tried to think of a travel or travel related book to match each theme. Here’s what I came up with. You can also... Continue Reading →

What happens when there are no plans – Antibes and Cap Ferrat

I am a major planner and like to have my itinerary made out in advance but on some trips there are times too when I make no plans at all – much as I love the organisation there is a... Continue Reading →

Glitz and Glamour: Cannes vs Monaco

Two beacons of the Côte d’Azur – Cannes and Monaco – glitzy, glamorous and dripping in luxury…yet I could not have found them more different!   With the arrival of the railway in the late 19th century Cannes became the winter... Continue Reading →

Planning for Nice, France: Part 2

This is how the newest technology can work for us as travel planners!   A YouTube search brings up a huge variety of results, some useful, some not so much. My favourite is Nice’s version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy!  ... Continue Reading →

Newcastle Review

I just wrote about my Mom coming to visit. Now I’m so sad that she is already gone… such a short visit, only 48 hours in Newcastle... but we did our best to fill it with things! – with activities... Continue Reading →

My Hometown

My mom is coming to visit! I get to show off my ‘home’ town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne to her. Though I’ve lived here more than 18 months and she has already been over twice there are still things she hasn't seen!... Continue Reading →

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