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The realities of travelling by staying at home



5 Secluded Spots

In honour of Valentine's Day here are 5 secluded spots for romance that I've come across on my recent travels... 1. La Caleta, Cádiz, Spain Golden sands, a crescent bay and hidden spots between the pillars - perfect for moonlit... Continue Reading →


Top 5 of 2014

1. Cádiz Cádiz is a beautiful city surrounded by water on a peninsula at the edge of the Mediterranean. With surfing beaches, flamenco, cafés and a laid back vibe, it is a little paradise on the edge of Spain. 2.... Continue Reading →

Finnish Food

 I loved Finnish food! It really doesn't deserve the criticism it has gained from some people… My absolute favourite food from Finland is Karelian pasties. They consist of thin rye pastry baked with a milk and rice filling and spread with... Continue Reading →

Tampere and Helsinki: Two Jewels of Finland

  Recently I was at a work conference in Finland (I wrote about some cool Finnish things here). Despite all the talks and posters and networking at the conference, I still found a bit of time to discover all that... Continue Reading →

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