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The realities of travelling by staying at home



Mishaps from my last adventure

As we all know, not everything goes smoothly while travelling - at least each story will be worth a laugh someday! Beaten by the wave at Playa de Santa María del Mar in Cádiz – it was a windy day,... Continue Reading →


Sunset Sunday Lisbon

Lisbon: My Do’s and Dont’s

What can I say about Lisbon? I didn’t like it, I didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t feel good there... Maybe it’s just me...did anyone else just feel like something was missing from the city? Anyway, here’s a random collection of... Continue Reading →

Planning for Portugal

My last adventure was before Christmas but I am only getting around to writing about it now. I spent a week in Portugal followed by 2 weeks in the south of Spain. There were highs and lows but overall it... Continue Reading →

My Upcoming Travel Plans

  I have a hankering for sunshine and with cheap flights across Europe and the charming scenery and fantastic culture of the Mediterranean, city and beach hopping across Spain and Portugal is on my mind…   I've spent a lot... Continue Reading →

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