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cote d’azur

5 Secluded Spots

In honour of Valentine's Day here are 5 secluded spots for romance that I've come across on my recent travels... 1. La Caleta, Cádiz, Spain Golden sands, a crescent bay and hidden spots between the pillars - perfect for moonlit... Continue Reading →

What happens when there are no plans – Antibes and Cap Ferrat

I am a major planner and like to have my itinerary made out in advance but on some trips there are times too when I make no plans at all – much as I love the organisation there is a... Continue Reading →

Glitz and Glamour: Cannes vs Monaco

Two beacons of the Côte d’Azur – Cannes and Monaco – glitzy, glamorous and dripping in luxury…yet I could not have found them more different!   With the arrival of the railway in the late 19th century Cannes became the winter... Continue Reading →

Planning for Nice, France: Part 2

This is how the newest technology can work for us as travel planners!   A YouTube search brings up a huge variety of results, some useful, some not so much. My favourite is Nice’s version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy!  ... Continue Reading →

Planning for Nice, France: Part 1

The countdown is on; unbelievably it may seem, I am actually going to take a trip! This one really feels like it will be a real holiday too – this is about dreams coming true! I’m going to Nice in... Continue Reading →

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