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The realities of travelling by staying at home



App Review: Tripomatic

Tripomatic is a new tool for trip planning that allows you to create an itinerary for long or short breaks anywhere in the world. New user There is no need to create a profile to use the app however you... Continue Reading →

App Review: AppTripper

App Tripper is a travel guide and tool to find alternative and out of the way attractions in various cities around Europe. The quirky thing about this app is its use of mood to categorise attractions. New user There is... Continue Reading →

My Wishlist of Places 2016

There are so many places I want to visit this year!!! The January blues are setting in and I am passing the time with planning my next getaway. Oh and it is only now that I’ve written them all out... Continue Reading →

Reading January 2016

Wanderlust: Planning a great American road trip The Pin the Map Project: Tips for enjoying London on a budget Traveler’s Universe: Things to do in Brussels World of Wanderlust: Loire valley guide The Travel Hack: Agio app review: find the... Continue Reading →

Top 5 travel moments of 2015

I tend not to be someone who looks back on the good times so much. In fact I usually spend the end of every year feeling unnecessarily sorry for myself and hoping things will inexplicably improve in the hazy future.... Continue Reading →

December Reading List

My Itchy Travel Feet: Off the beaten path travel apps Skyscanner: International travel plug adapter guide Skyscanner: 20 cities for yuccies around the world Travelettes: Scuba diving myths busted NPR: A hitchhiking robot’s journey west ends early in Philadelphia Yahoo... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Destinations in Italy

1. Florence 2. Bay of Naples – including Naples, Pompeii, Ischia, Sorrento... 3. Lakes of the North – including Lake Garda and Lake Como 4. Rome 5. Matera Plus there are so many more! Milan, Amalfi coast, Venice, Verona....and places... Continue Reading →

Bari – the life of Italy

Arrival in Bari was as if to a ghost town…deserted streets, closed shop fronts, silence…I guess 4pm on a Sunday is eating and resting time…so I ate, and I rested… Re-emerging from my cocoon a few hours later was to... Continue Reading →

Matera – a ghost town no more

I feel like I was arriving in Matera for days… the anticipation, the planning, the worries… then I got here, after two buses and how much walking?! So I arrived at night but had not seen the sassi… the following... Continue Reading →

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