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The realities of travelling by staying at home

A Winter Wander: Glenbower Woods, Killeagh, Co Cork

Happy New Year! A new series for a new beginning – a winter wander – outdoor adventures in winter wonderlands! A typical Irish woodland, Glenbower in East Cork, is a fun outdoor trek. The woods surround part of the Dissour... Continue Reading →

Top 5 travel moments of 2015

I tend not to be someone who looks back on the good times so much. In fact I usually spend the end of every year feeling unnecessarily sorry for myself and hoping things will inexplicably improve in the hazy future.... Continue Reading →

Reading: Christmas Edition

(Picture source)   Her: 21 days to Christmas – here are 21 things that every Irish person will need   The Guardian: Christmas gift presents for travellers   Travel + Leisure: Best places to spend Christmas   Spanish Sabores: 6... Continue Reading →

December Reading List

My Itchy Travel Feet: Off the beaten path travel apps Skyscanner: International travel plug adapter guide Skyscanner: 20 cities for yuccies around the world Travelettes: Scuba diving myths busted NPR: A hitchhiking robot’s journey west ends early in Philadelphia Yahoo... Continue Reading →

November Reading List

I'm back to my reading lists... Enjoy!! From Europe and Beyond: How to spend three days in Madrid The Well Travelled Postcard: My thoughts on why we feel compelled to travel and the changing meaning of travel Elite Daily: Wanderlust... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Destinations in Italy

1. Florence 2. Bay of Naples – including Naples, Pompeii, Ischia, Sorrento... 3. Lakes of the North – including Lake Garda and Lake Como 4. Rome 5. Matera Plus there are so many more! Milan, Amalfi coast, Venice, Verona....and places... Continue Reading →

Bari – the life of Italy

Arrival in Bari was as if to a ghost town…deserted streets, closed shop fronts, silence…I guess 4pm on a Sunday is eating and resting time…so I ate, and I rested… Re-emerging from my cocoon a few hours later was to... Continue Reading →

Sunset Sunday Bari

I love these fishing boats! And the light...!

Matera – a ghost town no more

I feel like I was arriving in Matera for days… the anticipation, the planning, the worries… then I got here, after two buses and how much walking?! So I arrived at night but had not seen the sassi… the following... Continue Reading →

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