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The realities of travelling by staying at home



Heir Island

A trip with my parents... We were intent on some kind of fact-finding mission on the ancestry of my family on my mother’s side, the O’Driscoll’s and so we headed to an island in the centre of Roaringwater Bay in... Continue Reading →

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Life is Change

Big Life Change Alert!! I'm moving back home! These last few weeks I've been packing up my life in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (which explains the silence on this blog😉) and travelled back to Cork this past weekend. I'm so excited to be... Continue Reading →

Books that make me want to travel

Recently The Borough Press (@boroughpress) launched the #bookaday challenge.They gave a theme for each day and I tried to think of a travel or travel related book to match each theme. Here’s what I came up with. You can also... Continue Reading →

Nice Review

As I’m sure you can tell (by my meticulous planning here and here) I was so excited about this trip! I have wanted to go to the Côte d’Azur, and Nice in particular, for absolutely ages… There’s always been something... Continue Reading →

Questions about Travel

In this post I thought I would look into some of the questions I have about travel. From my position of ‘non-travel’ there is so much I don’t know and I’m so curious! The more I read and the more... Continue Reading →

EuroCheapo Review

EuroCheapo is a great site covering travel in Europe that is mainly focused on offering cheap hotel rates via their in-site accommodation search engine. However the site also has a blog which is regularly updated with advice on money saving... Continue Reading →

About Me

Recently I wrote about what travel is and the reasons for travelling. There are many different views but to me travel is all about the experience, the adventures to be had, the meeting of so many interesting people. I can... Continue Reading →


What is travel? What is the definition of travelling and what are the reasons people invest so much time and money into travel and travelling?   According to Wikipedia (the expert reference on absolutely everything of course) travel is ‘the... Continue Reading →


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