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2015 Travel Awards

Recently I’ve noticed a couple of articles about 2015 travel awards. There are all kinds of categories like Best Tour Operator, Best Airline, Best Travel Rep and, most intriguingly, Best Destination. Some interesting criteria are used to determine the Best... Continue Reading →



Triptease is a really cool app I'm just getting the hang of. It's a digital journal similar to a review app somewhat like Trip Advisor but without the crowd sourced ratings and accompanied by all sorts of mostly awesome pictures.... Continue Reading →

Reading January 2015

Wandering Earl: Do You Have Enough Confidence To Travel STA Travel: How to Follow Bilbo through Middle Earth Since seeing the final Hobbit movie a few weeks ago I am raring to go explore 'Middle Earth'! A Globe Well Travelled:... Continue Reading →

Trip It

  Trip It is a relatively useful planning app with a free version, a pro upgrade and a desktop option. Its main purpose is to keep track of any flights, trains, hotels, restaurant bookings and activities you have planned for... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Exciting New Destinations for 2015

Happy New Year! 2015 is a new and exciting year, with lots of new destinations becoming more and more accessible. 1. Estonia Tallinn, perched on the edge of the Baltic Sea, is an exciting city to visit with a zoo,... Continue Reading →

Reading This Week

I'm a bit behind with my reading - this is a list of interesting travel blogs and articles I came across a few weeks ago! There's everything from great things to do in the USA to tips for travelling light.... Continue Reading →

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