App Tripper is a travel guide and tool to find alternative and out of the way attractions in various cities around Europe. The quirky thing about this app is its use of mood to categorise attractions.

New user
There is no need to create a profile. The app is ready to use straight away.

Using the app
Cities are divided into 8 emotional maps and include Barcelona, Paris and London. There are many Italian cities described e.g. Florence, Turin and Naples. Attractions are chosen according to the emotional feeling that they communicate e.g. love, fear, wonder and surprise. There is a photo, some information and a map.

Screenshots from AppTripper: List of some cities available on AppTripper as well as some guides coming soon

Locations include urban spaces like fountains, monuments and historical buildings, religious places and works of art such as sculpture, UNESCO sites and contemporary architecture.

I most recently used the app in Munich. Some cool things I found were the Deutsches Museum, St Peter’s Church and the Miracolo sculpture.

Information on the Deutsches Museum and HVB Tower in Munich
Emotions to choose from on AppTripper; List of locations in Munich under the emotion’surprise’

You can use the app to pinpoint locations of interest within 200m around you. Content is also available in Italian, Spanish and German.

Plus it is possible to share your experiences on Facebook or the app’s own social community.

I could find local spots and alternative attractions I would have no hope of discovering alone

Only a few destinations so far
Requires all information on current destination to be downloaded before use – this can be quite large

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