Religious/spiritual travel
Whether it is once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimages to Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome, short trips to shrines in your own country e.g. Knock in Ireland or a spiritual yoga and lifestyle retreat in India travel for religious reasons is again increasing. There may even be a festival atmosphere to the experience as at World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland this summer.

Multi-generational travel
Trips involving several generations of a family e.g. grandparents, their children and their grandchildren are becoming more common. Extended family members and even those relations with only tenuous links are being included. Popular holidays include family-friendly cruises, family oriented campsites and beach resorts and grandparent-owned holiday homes.

Sports travel
People have always travelled to support their teams and their countries in various sports but 2016 will be a bumper year for spectators the world over. From annual events like Le Tour de France and Champions League to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro there are plenty of ways to show your colours this year.

Solo travel
While solo travel has always been popular recently there has been a growing acceptance of the solo traveller as an actual person. No longer a loner with no job, friends or family (granted that stereotype is ~50 years old!) solo travelers are now the epitome of the adventurous, yolo, 21st century traveller. Thanks to social media connections, the sharing economy (AirBnB, Uber, Meetup etc) and an increasingly open-minded society there is no solo in travel anyway… Solo Traveler Blog is one of the best resources for solo travel options.


Any discussion of travel trends would not be complete without mentioning the present fear of travel to some destinations in light of recent terrorist threats. I unfortunately find I am questioning myself: Am I now more scared to travel? Are there certain places that I am avoiding? Should there be? I have no advice to share on this topic but I sincerely hope that the world will not be changed for the many because of a few…


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