1. Florence

Anthony Gormley's Human installation
Anthony Gormley’s Human installation at Forte di Belvedere overlooking Florence

2. Bay of Naples – including Naples, Pompeii, Ischia, Sorrento

Ischia Porto
Ischia Porto
Bay of Naples

3. Lakes of the North – including Lake Garda and Lake Como

View of Lake Garda (source)
View of Lake Garda (source)

4. Rome

Night view at St. Peter's cathedral in Rome, Italy (source)
Night view at St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome, Italy (source)

5. Matera

Rupestrian church in Matera

Plus there are so many more! Milan, Amalfi coast, Venice, Verona….and places I haven’t even been to! Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Turin, Genoa, Calabria, Puglia…