Booked flights arriving in Bologna, leaving from Bari, two weeks in between…where to go? Let the (planning) games commence!

As always I look first to travel guides:


  • DK Eyewitness Travel: Italy (2014)
  • The Rough Guide: Italy (1993) (This book is so old! but it still contains so much relevant information and maps – it never actually let me down!!)
  • Globetrotter Travel Guide: Florence and Tuscany (2008)
  • The AA Pocket Guide: Tuscany and Florence (2005)

I found a multitude of blog posts and travel articles:

I found out Dan Brown’s latest book, Inferno, was filming in Florence while I was there…so I got straight down to reading it! This Twitter, Florence Inferno, has loads of info on book and film locations!

I am always on the lookout for maps and brochures in airports, tourist offices and hostels when I arrive in a new place:

I went back to my old secondary school history book too – Florence is the heart of the Renaissance and this book ignited my love for the art of the masters Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli as well as becoming obsessed with seeing The Birth of Venus, now displayed in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery.

Some websites with a lot of useful information:

Bologna Welcome

Visit Florence

Discover Tuscany


Discover Basilicata

Viaggiare in Puglia