As we all know, not everything goes smoothly while travelling – at least each story will be worth a laugh someday!

    • Beaten by the wave at Playa de Santa María del Mar in Cádiz – it was a windy day, I didn’t know how windy until I got soaked by a huge wave while walking on the rocks near Playa de la Victoria!
This is where it happened! A windy day in Cádiz…



  • My afternoon in Málaga bus station – waiting for my ‘missing’ suitcase. I was in such a rush to get to the loo, I left my case in the hold under the bus. Though it was still in the station it took Alsa 3 hours to ‘find’ it!
  • ‘Running away’ from all the trams in Lisbon – though I was actually hiding from the crowds and queues – so manic!
  • Trying to sneak into the Roman ruins of Cádiz after dark – saw a few shady types so beat a hasty retreat! Did manage to ‘break into’ the bullring in El Puerto, through the schools entrance – not much fun strolling back out past thirty staring 10 year olds and their stern teacher!


  • Going to the Alhambra in the rain – of course it’s heaviest when I’m in the supposedly stunning Nasrid Palaces…


  • ‘Searching’ for the door to the research areas in the Nerja Caves – come on, you can’t tell me there are two more cave systems and not expect me to want to see them, risk of falling rocks excepted….


  • Playing mini golf on my own in Torremolinos – did I win?!
Mini golf at Playa Bajondillo


  • Ordering a café and croissant in terrible Portuguese on my first say in Porto!


  • Getting dunk on less than– two small tastings of port in Cockburn’s!
Port tasting at Cockburn's
Port tasting at Cockburn’s
  • Making an instant group of Faro hostel buddies to visit the uninhabited Ilha Deserta – somewhat ironic?!
Friends at Ilha Deserta, Faro


  • Going back and forth on Seville’s circular bus route searching for Puerto Osario – finally an English-speaking local directs us while simultaneously admonishing us for not asking for help sooner!