Triptease is a really cool app I’m just getting the hang of. It’s a digital journal similar to a review app somewhat like Trip Advisor but without the crowd sourced ratings and accompanied by all sorts of mostly awesome pictures.

Let me take you through it…

First of all you can create your own profile (though you don’t have to just to browse) and add your own reviews (called tripteases). Pick from a range of themes with between 1 and 5 photos in several layouts. Add a title, location, month visited and a description with as many or as little words as you like! Triptease is very popular for hotel reviews but restaurant and activities/tourist sights reviews are increasing in number every day.


To explore some others reviews on Triptease, click on the binoculars icon and enter the name of a hotel, restaurant or destination. Often several reviews are found and can be viewed by swiping right to left. The app also features top destinations and trip teasers as well as editor’s picks which change often.



Here are examples of some reviews by other people. It’s possible to like reviews, follow the profiles of like-minded people, be followed by others and gather reviews into wish lists or destination lists.




While Triptease is primarily an iPad app, there is a desktop version at While it was the name (so evocative along the lines of wanderlust and escapism) that attracted me first this app is beautiful, user friendly and definitely on my procrastination list!

(This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Triptease, all opinions are my own.)