Trip It is a relatively useful planning app with a free version, a pro upgrade and a desktop option. Its main purpose is to keep track of any flights, trains, hotels, restaurant bookings and activities you have planned for your trip.

You create a profile and add in your email address. You can then manually input details for your trip, email booking confirmations to your Trip It account or allow the app to scan your email and automatically add new bookings to your account. For me this has worked for booking confirmations from Hostelworld,, East Coast Rail and several airline companies.

You can add in theatre bookings, sports activities, meetings and notes. You can also share your trips with others by email. Much easier than writing every night of accommodation out on paper as my mom demands to know where I am at all times!

Here are some screenshots of a recent trip I organised:






A useful app (though I haven’t tried the pro version) that has its advantages and disadvantages.

(This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Trip It, opinions are my own.)