1. Cádiz

Cádiz is a beautiful city surrounded by water on a peninsula at the edge of the Mediterranean. With surfing beaches, flamenco, cafés and a laid back vibe, it is a little paradise on the edge of Spain.


2. Monaco

The glitzy and glamourous principality of Monaco is more than fast cars and casinos. The beautiful coastline, colourful avenues and historic palace are a treasure to explore.


3. Leeds

Leeds is a wonderfully compact city in Northern England that welcomed the big start of the Tour de France this summer. There was a fantastic atmosphere in this city of little gems, just waiting to be discovered.


4. Lagos

A small Portuguese resort town that still retains some of its traditional charm and with a stunning coastline. Absolutely worth a visit for some summer sunshine.





5. Tampere

The second largest city in Finland is compact and friendly, set at the meeting point of two huge lakes. With water sports, galleries and the famous Finnish sauna, Tampere is a wonderful getaway in the heart of Scandinavia.