You’d think I’d have plenty research done on one of the most visited cities in the world right? Wrong! I was so busy in the weeks before I left that the only source I had was a guidebook from my library (The Rough Guide to Paris) that I browsed in the two hour flight to Charles de Gaulle airport.

Although I had a few things in mind (visit Musée Marmottan Monet, eat a crêpe au chocolat, have a picnic at the Eiffel Tower, see Le Tour de France) I was still pretty clueless about what Paris had to offer.

However browsing a couple of chapters every day, reading detailed passages once I had reached an area or monument and scanning the maps of each arrondissement for interesting museums or attractions to attack next was quite useful. I did a little bit of research as well to supplement the book. Here are some cool posts I came across:

What I Love About Paris

Before You Go To Paris There’s A Few Things You Should Know

Here is how I got on:




I’m not advising this process for every trip – at least research some basics! – but in this rare case I found that no planning is the best planning