I loved Finnish food! It really doesn’t deserve the criticism it has gained from some people…


My absolute favourite food from Finland is Karelian pasties. They consist of thin rye pastry baked with a milk and rice filling and spread with egg butter. They can be eaten hot or cold for breakfast or as a snack. They are really wholesome and rich and just delicious!


Maybe it was just the conference I went to in Finland or else the Finns are really healthy….I ate so many salads! They were really good and some quite unusual. Examples include: smoked salmon salad, potato and caper salad, creamy coleslaw, marinated mushrooms and olives, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, chicken and mayonnaise pasta, potato and pea salad, melon and cucumber salad…


I also love how many potatoes there were in Finnish food: we had potato salads, mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes… I love potatoes. Of course I would seeing as I’m Irish!


Selling Potatoes in Helsinki


Mustamakkura is a speciality of Tampere. It translates as black sausage and is made of pig meat, blood and herbs. It is typically served with lingonberry jam and cold milk. At breakfast I enjoyed it with mini oven pancakes and jam.


Being surrounded by water it’s no surprise that fish is a prominent feature on Finnish menus. They sure know how to make melt in the mouth poached salmon fillets to die for!


I didn’t realise how ubiquitous reindeer would be in Finland! I had it twice, first as a reindeer stew with mashed potato and coleslaw, and secondly sautéed and served with cranberries and some more mashed potato. Yum!


Reindeer Sandwiches