Recently The Borough Press (@boroughpress) launched the #bookaday challenge.They gave a theme for each day and I tried to think of a travel or travel related book to match each theme. Here’s what I came up with. You can also check out some of my tweets here (@NonTravelWithMe)


  1. Book from my childhood – Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal – their beautiful lives make me want to be in California
  2. Best bargain – Any book from the library is a bargain! I didn’t even have to pay to join! I’ve been raiding the travel book shelf again and right now I’m on Seville though I don’t know when I will ever get there!
  3. A book with a blue cover – The Art of Waking Dreams by Josiah Heiser – great autobiographical account of working on ice in Antarctica to a diving school on unspoilt Indonesian beaches
  4. Least favourite book by favourite author – The Great Mountain to Mountain Safari by Cindy Vine – don’t have a favourite author yet this is a great account of driving from Kenya to South Africa and back but the writing just didn’t draw me in
  5. Doesn’t belong to me – Diving with Sharks by Jack Jackson – I got this at the library sale of withdrawn books but it still feels like it doesn’t belong to me. Stunning pictures!
  6. The one I always give as a gift – DK Eyewitness California – love this book and everyone should go to California at least once!
  7. Forgot I owned it – The Politics of Washing, Real Life in Venice by Polly Coles – lovely memoir of family life in a little apartment in the sinking city
  8. Have more than one copy – Lazy Ways to Make a Living by Abigail Bosanko – I have this in paperback and on kindle, who wouldn’t want to move to Edinburgh and fall in love à la Jane Eyre?
  9. Film or TV tie in – Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare – I often reread the balcony scene after watching Baz Luhrman’s masterpiece set in lovely Verona
  10. Reminds me of someone I love – Tapas and Tinto by Pete Wolstencroft – this story of expat life in Andalucía makes me think of my friend who’s gone back to Granada – have to visit her soon!
  11. Secondhand bookshop gem – Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons by Matthew Fort – a beautiful epic of travelling and eating in Sicily – though most of my books are secondhand anyway!
  12. I pretend to have read it – On The Road by Jack Kerouac – Of course I’ve read this, yeah!
  13. Makes me laugh – Free Country by George Mahood – a tale of two guys cycling the ‘End to End’ (Land’s End, England to John’o Groats, Scotland) with no bikes or even clothes. So funny how they get by with what they find and the generosity of others!
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  15. An old favourite – Mousetrapped by Catherine Ryan Howard – honest and funny memoir of working in a Disneyworld Florida hotel – wish I could be there too!
  16. Favourite fictional father – Angels and Demons by Dan Brown –Not a father but Langdon’s exploration of Rome is inspiring
  17. Can’t believe more people haven’t read –Cannery Row by John Steinbeck – a stunning read about Monterey in California, way more evocative than the Grapes of Wrath!
  18. Future classic – Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier – a beautiful book set in Portugal’s capital that explores happiness, loneliness and how one feels about themselves
  19. Bought on a recommendation – Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart – though this was only recommended by Amazon! A great story of alpaca farming in the Alpujarras of Southern Spain
  20. Still can’t stop talking about it – Life of Pi by Yann Martel – this book really captured my imagination, what a journey that would be!
  21. Favourite cover – A Million Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton. You’ll have to find it!
  22. Summer read – Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig. So sweet!
  23. Out of print – I have this really old edition of an Italy travel book. Not possible to get it now but I still find it useful!
  24. Made to read at school – A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth – not made to read it but recommended, a beautiful story of Hinduism and India
  25. Hooked me into reading – Point Horror – one of these books even made me go to Virginia Beach but it was lovely there, not spooky at all!
  26. Never finished it – The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton – not because I didn’t want to but my library loan ran out when I was only half way through…I will check it out again soon!
  27. Should have sold more copies – Teaching English in a Foreign Land by Barry O’Leary – very interesting story of the author’s experiences teaching and travelling in South America and South-East Asia
  28. Want to be one of the characters – Eating Italy by Matthew Fort – not any character in particular but would love to go along on this trip touring Italy on a Vespa while eating all around me!
  29. Bought at my fave independent book shop – Thomas Cook traveller guides: Finland – I think I get all my books at the library now, this one I just finished reading!
  30. The one I have reread most often – Lazy Ways to Make a Living by Abigail Bosanko – I mentioned this one before but I keep going back to it! Love Edinburgh!
  31. Would save if my house burned down – Is any book worth saving in this situation? The best stories are the memories in our own heads! Travel more!