I’m off travelling again! But this time it’s for a work conference so does it really count? Well I’m going to make the most of it anyway! We are off to Tampere in Finland but will also have a day in Helsinki on the way back. Plus my colleagues sorted all the flights and hotels so no need to worry about that!

This video is so so sweet! You have to watch it – Tampere: How I Met My Love

I looked through the Thomas Cook Traveller Guide: Finland (2012) and found many gems like:

  • There are officially 187,888 lakes in Finland
  • Pyynikinharju ridge in Tampere is the highest glacial esker in the world – it rises 85m out of Lake Pyhäjärvi
  • Saunas are sacred to the Finnish – Saturday is traditional sauna day
  • Tango is possibly more popular among the Finns than in Argentina – Seinӓjoki hosts an annual tango festival!
  • At Midsummer (mid-June) there are 24 hours of daylight in the North of the country (and almost that much in the south!)
  • Helsinki has Sparakoff – a pub on a tram. It is possible to see the city’s sights while enjoying a Koff beer on this 1950’s tram

I accidentally came across this Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations episode – so funny! See Bourdain sample reindeer, mustamakkara (black sausage, best eaten with lignonberry jam and cold milk) and a Finnish grandma’s cooking. Apparently, the Finns are manic-depressive – could this be true? They suffer through long cold winters and then relish binge-drinking summers!

I really like Twitter and Instagram to get a feel for a new country.


Pinterest is something else i got into recently. I found some photos of Finland. Have a look here.