I just wrote about my Mom coming to visit. Now I’m so sad that she is already gone… such a short visit, only 48 hours in Newcastle… but we did our best to fill it with things! – with activities and with food and drinks and with so much culture!

Newcastle Quayside
Newcastle West Walls

I was wondering if, in fact I almost expected that, seeing Newcastle through the eyes of a tourist, or at least having my mom at my side to experience it, would make me fall in love with this corner of the North East again. Though I can scarcely remember a time when I did love it here, and certainly every one of the reasons why I might have has eluded me, still I’m sure that time did exist!

With Mom, I toured the city, I showed her some of the spots I spend my time in, experienced new places with her and vaguely wondered about what it is that I think I’m missing here. Newcastle did everything it could to impress! This is some of what we got up to:

  • We visited a ton of artist studios and exhibitions at the Late Shows in Ouseburn, Newcastle and Gateshead
The Biscuit Factory and Ouseburn Farm at The Late Shows
  • We had lunch in the Settle Down Café. The food was fantastic!
  • We toured Segedunum, an excavated Roman fort, part of Hadrian’s wall and a museum of Ancient Rome


  • We ate huge burgers and chunky chips at The Cluny in Ouseburn and enjoyed the lively atmosphere
  • We relished salads and pastas at the Charles Grey in the city centre
  • We cheered at a great Newcastle Fashion Week show with designs from students in the final year of Design at Newcastle College


  • We even visited my work colleagues and toured my building!

At the end of Mom’s trip do I feel any differently? Do I love this city now? Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t feel like anything has changed at all. Perhaps the time was too short, my worries too great or my desire to travel too overwhelming… Regardless, life is to be discovered and Newcastle has many opportunities. I’m going to keep looking until I find what it is that I’m searching for!