In this post I thought I would look into some of the questions I have about travel. From my position of ‘non-travel’ there is so much I don’t know and I’m so curious! The more I read and the more I hear about, the more I want to know!


There are a couple of different categories. First of all, the trip itself:

  • When is the best time to travel? Summer, winter? High season, low season, the shoulder season? I guess this depends on the country and what I want to see. Should I check out destinations when there are festivals on?
  • Where should I travel to? I suppose there are many answers to this question! Plus I want to see everything so there’s probably no point even asking this!
  • How should I travel? By plane, rail, boat, car? By walking or by public transport? Fast, moving on from each destination every few days or slowly through one country at a time over weeks or months? I wonder if a mixture of these methods would be best but I’ve never really had to decide…
  • Who should I travel with? Family, friends, random strangers? Or go it alone? I honestly think I prefer solo travel – the freedom is unbeatable!
  • How do I work out an itinerary? I think this is actually my favourite part of a trip! I sometimes come up with plans and never actually go anywhere…is that weird??
  • How much should I spend? The million dollar question…I’m not going to think about this one anymore. What is it that they say – there is no price on life experiences!

Secondly there are questions about myself and whether I’m even cut out for heading off on my travels:

  • What age should I be to travel? Young, at mid-life crisis stage, older? Is it possible to be too immature or even mature? I don’t think there is a right answer to this question…at least, I hope there isn’t and that it is never too late to jet off!
  • What stage of my life should I travel at? Before or after higher education? Between jobs? At a crisis point? Is there ever a right time??
  • What kind of person should I be to travel? Outgoing, introverted, reflective, vivacious? Friendly, understanding, placid, anxious? I feel like travel can benefit all kinds of people and maybe help me find who I really am…

Finally to the preparation for the trip:

  • What should I bring with me? What should I pack? I have read so many posts on this and especially on travelling ‘light’ yet I’m still confused! Is it experience that tells you what YOU need?
  • What ‘gadgets’ do I need? Tablet, smartphone, DLSR? Speaking global translator, noise cancelling headphones, UV disinfection light holder? Some of these may be ridiculous but in this technological age maybe I need some of them just to get by?
  • What luggage do I need? Wheelie case or backpack? Checked or hand luggage only? Even if I pick, say a backpack, which of the myriad makes and sizes and types out there is the best?

In conclusion, are there really answers to these questions? Or is it rather a case of find out as you go along!! The big question that does need answering though: What am I waiting for?!!