Is it possible to see the world without leaving your house? What if I told you you could circumnavigate the globe using only your laptop, tablet or phone? Is it really travelling if you don’t leave your armchair? I’m not sure I believe it myself – is a virtual holiday as good as the real thing?

They say travel is all about the experiences, the encounters, the new people and places, that you have to go there to know what it’s really all about…

Yet what about the anticipation, the planning and the excitement of an upcoming trip, be it real or imagined… I love that feeling of having just booked (or even made that final decision regardless of the follow through) to go on an amazing trip – there is nothing quite like it. I look forward with glee to the weeks or months of planning – the perfect route, the best accommodation, the most exciting things to see and do when (if) I get there -what I will eat, who I will meet, how I will feel…

But then what about the difficulties – the exhaustion, the language barrier, the times when I’m just fed up, when I can’t deal with a person or handle a situation (although that’s most situations anyway…) – is it really worth it to go out there into the world when so much can be learned, felt, experienced by staying safe and secure in your very own home? Honestly, I must admit, I’m just not that open-minded – I like my home comforts, my own routine, the familiarity of the cultural systems and etiquettes of my own country – I don’t want to leave all this behind!

Nowadays the internet has opened up the cultures of all the world’s peoples (well almost) to anyone with a connection and some sort of device be it old-fashioned desktop PC or brand new blingy iPhone 5s – the world is the oyster of anyone with a Google URL. Through words, photos, videos, gifs we can see, hear, laugh at a million different destinations– all that’s missing is the taste and smell. Why not let our imaginations have a little fun here? It’s a good workout for the brain!

So join me in my world of non-travelling armchair exploration of the world, one slippered foot curled under my bum, on real and imagined trips – one (possibly digitally enhanced) destination at a time.

This blog will provide
• links to travel blogs I follow or find entertaining – yes I know, stories of people who actually are travelling/have travelled
• links to tourism or travel sites for destinations that I am researching – whether or not I will actually get to any of these places is another question
• tips and advice for satisfying armchair travelling/destination researching – still debatable whether it is actually satisfying, and
• stories of any trips I do actually take – warning: these may be few and far between…!